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It’s about time…

So in celebration of VC’s 100th episode Dragon Leatherworks is making custom holsters with the VC logo.

This from the Dragon Leather site

The Dragon Leatherworks Vicious Circle Edition Holster. Coming July 8th!

Dragon Leatherworks is pleased to announce the release of the Vicious Circle Edition FlatJack and Talon holsters, available for purchase on July 8th. The Vicious Circle podcast will be streaming its 100th podcast on July 8th, so what better way is there to celebrate this event than with the release of the VC Branded FlatJack and Talon!”

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Seattle PD Officers leave AR Pattern Rifle on trunk

It looks like Seattle PD is making us all proud again this time by leaving a rifle on the back of a police cruiser and then driving away with it on the trunk lid, parking at a hotel, and driving away again with it still on there. Of course all the local news stations are having a field day with it and getting lots of love out of the “OMG the assault rifle is going to come and get you”

While this looks bad and I feel pretty bad for the gun because had it fallen off it would have gotten scratched and possibly damaged, I think the officers should get hardily laughed at and mocked but if they loose their job I would be might pissed. Of course I feel that Seattle PD might act differently if I drove around with an AR on my trunk. I do love the quote on the bottom of the article

“Whitcomb said such rifles are assigned only to officers who have additional training. They’re usually kept in the trunk or between the driver and passenger seats. He added leaving a rifle unattended is a policy violation, but not a violation of the law.”

I hope that if a “civilian” ever leaves a rifle alone that SPD remembers this quote.


I wanted to add one very important note, THE STRANGER who is our liberal alternative news paper is the only one who did a good job on this story. They correctly called the gun an AR-15 and did not use the word assault rifle at all. Everybody else has failed on this so I wanted to give them the props they deserve for getting something right.


Interesting issues arise when guns and geeks run into each other

Its no secret to anybody that there is a pretty strong presence of tech-heads, geeks and nerds in the gun community. Honestly I cant fully explain this but I like it a lot. I think this correlation helps bring in more shooters and helps our community all around.

Today I read an article By Caleb over at Gun Nuts Media basically one of the local IDPA clubs here in Washington passed a rule saying no video at the event, Caleb views himself as a journalist first and a shooter second and this pulled his support from the event. Initially I had mixed feelings because Caleb has an interesting reputation however we can all agree he posts great videos and does some pretty cool work. The way I see this issue as I understand it is that the powers at be at this specific club are pretty opposed to new media and don’t want to welcome us bloggers, or at least not blogger who rely heavily on video at their club.

I view this much as the same as the Fudds in the hunting community who don’t see a reason for me to own and AR-15 a modern capacity pistol or a shotgun that is useful for more than duck hunting. I have no love for Fudds and think they are dangerous to our cause. As I wrote HERE. So on this issue I am standing with Caleb and Gun Nuts Media. If this club doesn’t want us then fine we have plenty of other clubs. One thing that western Washington is blessed with is a ton of good gun clubs, so no real loss here.


New Gunnie on the BlogRoll

I added to the blog roll, its the blog of Dennis from Dragon Leather Works. He does some pretty cool looking holsters and his views on 2nd amendment issues and politics are something that I enjoy reading so now he is on the blog roll.

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Fiocchi 12gauge Tracers finally available.

I first became aware of these in late March when they were getting publicity around the net. According to Fiocchi they were suppose to be available at Cabela’s in early April, well in Mid-April I went to the Cabela’s in Olympia and they still didn’t have them. Off and on since then I have looked around on the net for them. Well this week was the first time I actually found them and while I have not been looking as hard as recently for them I still think they are damm cool.

I not only think they would make a great training tool but I think they would be a lot of fun at the trap range. It would be interesting to me if any of the sporting clays or trap clubs have a prohibition on them since I am not sure how the glow stick portion would break down like a shotgun shot cup.

Available at cheaper than Dirt

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Cars 2 has pro-gun references and that’s a good thing.

So in the upcoming movie Cars 2 which comes out on June 24th apparently there are some pretty cool little gems of gun geekery. Most of them seemed centered on Rod Tourque Redline. If you watch the trailer below you can see a small gun come out of the front drivers side wheel and the license plate reads M1911A1 making reference to the 100th anniversary of the 1911 pattern pistol this year.

We as members of the gun community are big fans of voting with your wallet and skipping out on things that are anti-gun so lets SHOW our support for these little gems by going out and seeing this movie. Plus in all seriousness had Pixar ever made a bad movie? I think I have seen just about every one and cant think of one that I didn’t fully enjoy. They are just about the only movies that I would think even approach being worth the outrageous ticket prices that movie theaters charge now.



Small side note: I have a confession to make, last night I was reading a bunch of gun blogs really just bouncing through other peoples blog rolls and somewhere I found this link to an thread about the gun references in Cars 2 well I emailed myself the thread but cant figure out who’s blog originally pointed me there so I owe somebody credit and when I find it I will give it to them.

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How I got into guns

This week there has been a lot of bloggers doing articles about how they got into guns or more accurately how we became gun nuts. I first Read Daddy Bears story then Jennifer’s and deiced to do my own.

So here is my story, growing up my Father was a shooter who although he always owned guns and strongly took the approach of educating us about them rather than just keeping them locked away and saying “don’t look in the box” he believed strongly in gun safety and when he took the guns out safety and the 4 rules were always the most important. When we were kids he would occasionally go the range but never really made a big deal about it. My Mother was at best neutral on guns, she never really supported the hobby but was not anti-gun either. Prior to high school essentially all of my shooting experience was through Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. I remember lots of days on the rifle range at summer camp. I wasn’t always the best shot but I took a lot of pride in what I did. I thought I was hot stuff when I could reliably shoot the clothes pin that was being used as a target holder. (Much to the dismay of several of the adults who had to explain that just because I could didnt mean I should)

I specifically remember that the indoor range near us had a rule that you had to be 14yrs old to shoot there and right after my 14th birthday Dad took me. Now prior to this I had shot a lot of .22lr rifles but had never shot a handgun. My fathers handguns were mostly .38/.357mag revolvers with a little Astra .380 mixed in their as well. The first gun I shot was the .380 because I thought I was way too cool to shoot a revolver. I later took a liking to his little Detective special .38spl and became pretty damm good with it. This range also had some rental guns so we rented a few as well. From that point on my passion was always there but I didn’t get much shooting time. Then when I went off to college a buddy of mine from the debate team told me that he bought a gun because he wanted to learn to shoot and wanted me to go with him. He and I went a few times a month after debate practice and I would generally rent a springfield XD because I loved that gun. He had a S&W 4906 and I liked his gun but knew I was not a fan of steel framed pistols.

Then in 2006 I got the opportunity to work for the College Republican National Committee and was stationed in Nevada. While I was down there it seemed like most of the guys were into shooting stuff out in the desert and were always willing to take me shooting. On this trip I didn’t bring any guns but there were always plenty around for me to use. Shortly after that I came home went to the range a few more times and was all ready to buy a Springfield XD. Well then one day I go the range the XD was not available and the range master suggested that I try the Smith and Wesson M&P I shot that for the day and LOVED it, it fit my hand much better and I had a great time. 2 weeks later I went out to a local gun shop and bought a new M&P. It is now my daily carry gun and I love it. Also being the first gun that I bought its kinda my favorite. That’s the quick and dirty story. I do feel that I should add one quick anecdote though. The date that I knew I wanted to work hard for gun rights was a vastly different date. This was about in 4th grade when our class was doing a music program  on “The Oregon Trail” the teacher asked for suggestions on “sounds of the Oregon trail” I immediately put my hand up and suggested a gun shot. She reluctantly wrote it up on the board and then explained that since gunshots don’t have a place in school we wont be using that particular sound effect. I WAS PISSED, it did not logically comprehend how you could do a production on the Oregon trail without having a gunshot. Were we honestly suppose to believe that no animals were harmed in the making of the American West???? I went home got sympathy from mom but she also kinda said “give up and just go a long” well long story short the day of production came I still was pissed about this and I ended up with the rain stick instead. This was the first time that I had really been exposed to the politics of guns and now that I am an adult I look back to that  as a defining moment in my life. See even my role as a gun nut can be blamed on the public education system LOL.