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I have moved

The blog is so much fun I moved it to its own domain HERE

UPDATE: Apparently somehow the link was broken so NOW it works.





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The Casey Anthony mess

I held off on posting about Casey Anthony and the verdict until today when the sentencing came down. Long story short it looks like she is getting a sentence of essentially four years but by the time her time served is accounted for and the normal deductions for good time and such she will be out next Thursday. Her only convictions are those of proving false information to law enforcement.

Now I don’t know if she killed her beautiful little girl or if she had anything to do with it, however I do know that she is a creepy woman who seems to have some serious stability issues. It also appears that her family is most certainly damaged goods as well. However more importantly she was exonerated by a jury of her peers. While I rarely have faith in government in general I believe strongly in the jury trial system. This is not to say that I believe she dis not have a hand in this crime, it simply means that I trust the jury that the prosecution did not meet their burden of proof. I also firmly believe that in the end she will receive her final judgement from the LORD. However the important part now is that we don’t let this damage our faith in the court system. While it is imperfect it is also the best system among the available options.

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It’s about time…

So in celebration of VC’s 100th episode Dragon Leatherworks is making custom holsters with the VC logo.

This from the Dragon Leather site

The Dragon Leatherworks Vicious Circle Edition Holster. Coming July 8th!

Dragon Leatherworks is pleased to announce the release of the Vicious Circle Edition FlatJack and Talon holsters, available for purchase on July 8th. The Vicious Circle podcast will be streaming its 100th podcast on July 8th, so what better way is there to celebrate this event than with the release of the VC Branded FlatJack and Talon!”

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Blogging and personal lives

I don’t claim to be a sociologist but I do like to make general guesses at what is going on with the world and where we are headed. This past week I have really become deeply aware of how I now have people in my life who I come in contact with every so often, and yet have never met. These are mostly people who either participate in VC or are bloggers that I read.

The two events that have really driven this point home for me this week were the medical issues that Weer’d’s wife has been experiencing and the fires getting ever closer to Labrat and Stingray. Now I have not met any of these folks in person, I have however read there blogs for a year or two, listened to them drone on for hours on vicious circle and certainly feel like if god forbid something terrible happened I would feel pretty damm bad. I would almost relate this to the relationship you have with a friend on Facebook who you went to high school with but have not seen in 10yrs. You feel connected even though your lives no longer intertwine.

The trouble comes when we mention these situations to individuals who are non-bloggers. More than once I have shared a story from somebodys blog and when refrencing the blogger it sorta came out as “My friend from the the internet” which sounds pretty sad and lonely if you ask me. The odd think is that society has had these relationships for a very long time. Recently here in Seattle a local celebrity new reporter, Kathi Goertzen has been undergoing treatment for a brain tumor and the out pouring of support has been large and public. I belive that in time these issues will resolve themselves. But in the mean time it could lead to some awkward moments.

FYI: according the most recent updates Mrs. Weer’d has been doing much better and Labrat and Stingray are under voluntary evacuation orders but I don’t know if they have evacuated yet.