Cars 2 has pro-gun references and that’s a good thing.

13 Jun

So in the upcoming movie Cars 2 which comes out on June 24th apparently there are some pretty cool little gems of gun geekery. Most of them seemed centered on Rod Tourque Redline. If you watch the trailer below you can see a small gun come out of the front drivers side wheel and the license plate reads M1911A1 making reference to the 100th anniversary of the 1911 pattern pistol this year.

We as members of the gun community are big fans of voting with your wallet and skipping out on things that are anti-gun so lets SHOW our support for these little gems by going out and seeing this movie. Plus in all seriousness had Pixar ever made a bad movie? I think I have seen just about every one and cant think of one that I didn’t fully enjoy. They are just about the only movies that I would think even approach being worth the outrageous ticket prices that movie theaters charge now.



Small side note: I have a confession to make, last night I was reading a bunch of gun blogs really just bouncing through other peoples blog rolls and somewhere I found this link to an thread about the gun references in Cars 2 well I emailed myself the thread but cant figure out who’s blog originally pointed me there so I owe somebody credit and when I find it I will give it to them.

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Posted by on June 13, 2011 in Fun Stuff, Gun stuff, movies


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