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I have moved

The blog is so much fun I moved it to its own domain HERE

UPDATE: Apparently somehow the link was broken so NOW it works.





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NASA and the final Shuttle Launch

So yesterday I watched the final Space shuttle launch and I have to say its kinda sad, actually the fact that its the last launch is not the sad part. The part that is so sad is that we are outsourcing the space program. Obviously it seems that the private space market has not taken off due to a very limited market. I also know that its proboly a smart decision to not continue the space shuttle program for a whole list of technological and financial reasons.

But damm, making a contract with the Russians to ferry us to the ISS, I just feel like JFK must be rolling in his grave. Maybe its a sign of how we have “evolved” but more likely its a negative reflection on how Americans have lost the American Dream.



The Casey Anthony mess

I held off on posting about Casey Anthony and the verdict until today when the sentencing came down. Long story short it looks like she is getting a sentence of essentially four years but by the time her time served is accounted for and the normal deductions for good time and such she will be out next Thursday. Her only convictions are those of proving false information to law enforcement.

Now I don’t know if she killed her beautiful little girl or if she had anything to do with it, however I do know that she is a creepy woman who seems to have some serious stability issues. It also appears that her family is most certainly damaged goods as well. However more importantly she was exonerated by a jury of her peers. While I rarely have faith in government in general I believe strongly in the jury trial system. This is not to say that I believe she dis not have a hand in this crime, it simply means that I trust the jury that the prosecution did not meet their burden of proof. I also firmly believe that in the end she will receive her final judgement from the LORD. However the important part now is that we don’t let this damage our faith in the court system. While it is imperfect it is also the best system among the available options.

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I’m sick and it sucks

Blogging might be light for the next few days I apparently caught one hell of a sinus infection and its pretty well kicking my ass.

The only thing that was more frustrating than being sick is having the stupid consulting nurse from my insurance company give me the wrong hours for the urgent care so I drove 20miles at 8am, found out that they are only open from 3pm-11pm (which seem like the most absurd office hours anywhere). Then found out that the doctors office less than 2miles from my house had an open appointment so I drove back to essentially my back yard and finally got seen.

So long story short if I wake up tomorrow and feel great you all will get a cool blog if not your going to have to wait.

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4th of July weekend


So its the weekend of 4th of July. While your out BBQ’ing, drinking a nice cold beer or whatever please remember why we celebrate this day and how we got there. But also remember that just because we became independent and free 235yrs ago doesn’t mean that we cant loose those freedoms.

Freedom is a constant battle and unfortunately it takes a tremendous amount of time/ talent/ treasure and blood to keep us free.

I have only two requests for you all, join me in this if you choose. 1. If you end up putting out a new bright and shiny American Flag this weekend double check and make sure it was made in the USA. 2. At somepoint this weekend your going to run across one or more Millitary Veterans or Active Duty servicemen thank them for their time and service.

I am very blessed to be surrounded by veterans in my life from my Sister In Law to many co-workers and extended family. To all of them I would like to thank them here.


Now go out enjoy some sunshine and be safe.