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The Casey Anthony mess

I held off on posting about Casey Anthony and the verdict until today when the sentencing came down. Long story short it looks like she is getting a sentence of essentially four years but by the time her time served is accounted for and the normal deductions for good time and such she will be out next Thursday. Her only convictions are those of proving false information to law enforcement.

Now I don’t know if she killed her beautiful little girl or if she had anything to do with it, however I do know that she is a creepy woman who seems to have some serious stability issues. It also appears that her family is most certainly damaged goods as well. However more importantly she was exonerated by a jury of her peers. While I rarely have faith in government in general I believe strongly in the jury trial system. This is not to say that I believe she dis not have a hand in this crime, it simply means that I trust the jury that the prosecution did not meet their burden of proof. I also firmly believe that in the end she will receive her final judgement from the LORD. However the important part now is that we don’t let this damage our faith in the court system. While it is imperfect it is also the best system among the available options.

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Blagojevich is guilty

So the ruling just came down, Rod Blagojevich is guilty on 17 of the 20 counts of corruption and extortion he faced. It looks like he will be doing a long time in prison and I hope he never has another free day in his life. When I first heard about this case way back, I thought he didn’t really do anything that any other politician had done. While this may be true this is no excuse. I feel that in the age of new media and prosecutors being less afraid to go after scumbags like this we will be seeing a lot more of this.

All politicians should be on notice assume every email is stored, every phone conversation recorded and now we have enough people in the new media to dig through all of this. I hope we see far more of these cases, because we could easily replace a substantial number of our non-violent drug offenders with these corrupt scumbags.

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Interesting issues arise when guns and geeks run into each other

Its no secret to anybody that there is a pretty strong presence of tech-heads, geeks and nerds in the gun community. Honestly I cant fully explain this but I like it a lot. I think this correlation helps bring in more shooters and helps our community all around.

Today I read an article By Caleb over at Gun Nuts Media basically one of the local IDPA clubs here in Washington passed a rule saying no video at the event, Caleb views himself as a journalist first and a shooter second and this pulled his support from the event. Initially I had mixed feelings because Caleb has an interesting reputation however we can all agree he posts great videos and does some pretty cool work. The way I see this issue as I understand it is that the powers at be at this specific club are pretty opposed to new media and don’t want to welcome us bloggers, or at least not blogger who rely heavily on video at their club.

I view this much as the same as the Fudds in the hunting community who don’t see a reason for me to own and AR-15 a modern capacity pistol or a shotgun that is useful for more than duck hunting. I have no love for Fudds and think they are dangerous to our cause. As I wrote HERE. So on this issue I am standing with Caleb and Gun Nuts Media. If this club doesn’t want us then fine we have plenty of other clubs. One thing that western Washington is blessed with is a ton of good gun clubs, so no real loss here.


James “Whitey” Bulger arrested in California

I woke up this morning to see that one of the FBI’s ten most wanted fugitives was arrested within the last 24hrs. I never personally followed this case but any time we see somebody come off the 10 most wanted list its a pretty cool day. I still really like when you walk into the post office and see these pictures up on the wall. Even in today’s world of everything cutting edge technology the idea that a snapshot in a public place still works. I also think its pretty cool that both when the military caught Bin Laden and with the capture of Bulger they were found by finding there girl friends. Not to fugitives on the run, shut up during the pillow talk.

From FoxNews:

The FBI finally caught the 82-year-old Bulger at a residence in Santa Monica along with his longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig on Wednesday, just days after the government launched a publicity campaign to locate the fugitive mobster.

“Recent publicity produced a tip which led agents to Santa Monica where they spotted both Bulger and Greig at a residence,” FBI Special Agent Greg Comcowich said in a statement Thursday. 

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Presidential Polls and why they don’t matter

Yesterday when I was at work I got an email from the Mitt Romney campaign to go and vote in the Time Magazine straw poll online. So I checked it out and there were the results,

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From these results it looks as if Ron Paul has cleaned up the nomination and the other candidates should just give up now. Of course we all know and I suspect even the Paul campaign knows that he has about as much chance of getting the GOP nomination as Hillary Clinton. But what this poll does show is how easy it its for Ron Paul to continue to mobilize the small group of supporters he has. He can get them to rallies, they vote in these little BS web polls and if he were not full of crazy it would translate into good press for him. He is a classic example of what Adam Carolla calls “Good lenses bad frames” that is to say he see’s what is wrong with the world and probably has some good ideas but when he presents these ideas they come out as pure crazy.

The other thing that this shows is how worthless these polls are they can be easily moved by one group or another sending out an email and I am sure that prior to the Mitt Romney email going out Paul had even a larger majority. Add to this that the poll included people like Sarah Palin who have not even announced yet and this becomes complete BS. However I feel that the fine men and women at time magazine knew that this was going to happen and ran this poll with the hope that Ron Paul wins and then they could run a follow up article about how nuts all of us GOP right wingers really are.


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Color me conflicted

I firmly believe that one of the greatest things about America is that for the most part we do a far better job than most at not discriminating on the basis of race, creed, color ect. We have certainly had our black marks in history and I assume there is always room for improvement. But if you go to any of major city its pretty diverse with many cultures being represented at the same time.

The American military is no different while the military is not a perfect cross section of American society its certainly not homogeneous either. While I have never served I am sure that the combination of different attitudes, cultures and personalities combined with the stress of the environment could cause some serious strife. However it seems that we very rarely hear of these instances turning violent. However there has been a pattern of Muslim soldiers attacking other service members. First in 2003 we had the case of Sgt. Asan Akbar who tossed a grenade into a tent killing another servicemen in Kuwait and wounding 15. Then in November of 2009 we had the Ft. Hood attack perpetrated by Nidal Malik Hasan. Today I wake up to the story of Yonathan Melaku who was found in Arlington National Cemetery at 0130 this morning. In his backpack were 5 pounds of a yet to be identified substance that was labled as ammonium nitrate but field tests came back as negative for explosive material. Details are still coming out as to what exactly his plan is or weather this was a test run for something larger or not. However what is clear is that his man was a Marine Corps reservist and a practicing Muslim.

I am afraid that this series of events is going to damage morale for our troops overseas. It would seem logical that these men and women need to know that there is a ZERO chance that the soldier next to them is “playing for the other team” My initial reaction was that there needs to be some sort of additional screening or procedure for practicing Muslims in the US Military but that doesn’t sit right with me, I don’t like the idea of instantly assuming these individuals are working against us. I would also hope that the chain of command would send up red flags for any individual who was showing signs of radicalization regardless of the individuals creed or belief system.. Should these men and women be limited to non-combat roles? Should they be screened differently? Is this just an unfortunate downside to having a military that is as diverse as it is? I don’t have the answers and I don’t really have any suggestions to make the problem better, however what I do know is that we have too many brave men and women fighting for me and my family, and I don’t need to add any burden to them.


Finally a scent I would wear.

Over the years my sweetie has purchased me various frangrences and colonges for various occasions. In all reality they all smell good but they smell like what women want men to smell like not what men want to smell like. Well we have the answer……

Que, an intoxicating bouquet of spices, smoke, meat, and sweet summer sweat, is the latest development in wearable scents and is quickly becoming a hit among meat lovers, grill masters, and backyard BBQ’ers.  

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You may remember this company as the 2 guys who appeared last year on ABC’s Shark Tank they were 2 congressional staffers from DC who after their candidate lost an election decided to start this company. They pride themselves on running the company on private money and venture capitol rather than government grants and such. Anyway the point being is its a cool product with a unique political spin and I like it. Now I am going to go off and try and see if I can find some of their BBQ sauce locally.

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