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So Egypt is on fire…

I wake up this morning and every news channel is covering the fact that Egypt is on fire and full of riots. Video shows protesters climbing on tanks and burning down government buildings. A little research and I find that for the most part this started as an uprising against  President Hosni Mubarak who has been in power since 1981. It appears that then the Muslim brotherhood which is the largest opposition group in Egypt decided to jump on the bandwagon and start really kicking up the rioting. In all reality I don’t care what other countries do to themselves but this seems to have some serious geopolitical implications because Egypt has been a strategic resource for the US and much of the western world, turning from a psuedo-stable government to a possibly unstable ball of suck could be a very bad thing.

I also feel that the reaction from Israel could be interesting to watch here, I doubt that they will actually jump in and take  military action but I am sure that they are watching the situation very closely.

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Great Range Trip

Today I got out to the range for the first time in about 90days. Its rare that I go that long without being to the range and it felt GOOOOOOD to be back in the saddle. We went to Tacoma Sportsman’s Club in Puyallup, Wa. The range there is nice, rifle range was pretty busy but the handgun range was pretty empty. I liked the range a lot for a simple range. As usual it had the normal range rules including 10round max in center-fire rifles and no rapid fire. They were very strict but fair when enforcing these rules but I would always prefer a range errs on the side of extra safety. In a later conversation with the RSO he mentioned that they have to be so strict on the rapid fire rules because they already get calls explaining that “your training people to become murderers” Of course I feel that those sorts of calls are absurd I also understand how hard we have to fight just to have a reasonably located place to shoot, so I am willing to put up with more strict rules.

In other news, my sister in law picked up a new Marlin 795 today and it shot great, she loved it and I enjoyed tinkering with it as well.

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28gauge revolver and Trail Judge are OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This taken directly from the Michael Bane Blog


This just in from American Rifleman’s Mark Keefe:

With the vast array of new guns in the Taurus booth at the 2011 SHOT Show, it was easy to go into new-product overload. But the one gun that stood out most was the 28-gauge Raging Judge revolver. Whenever there is something truly new and different, there are bound to be juicy rumors, which included that the gun had been declared a National Firearms Act item by BATFE and “removed.”

This is simply not the case. Taurus President and CEO Bob Morrison invited officials from the ATF’s Technology Branch to discuss some of the firm’s new product introductions. “I asked them to come and give some advice,” Morrison said. By all accounts the meeting was cordial, professional, and not a “raid” or “gotcha” as erroneously reported elsewhere. No determination on the gun’s status was made at the show. Remember, to even be in the United States at all, the prototype had to be cleared by BATFE for importation. On the 28-gauge Raging Judge revolver, Taurus sought BATFE’s advice on some modifications to the gun and is the process of implementing the results of those suggestions. This is a very common practice; gun manufacturers and importers regularly work with BATFE as the firearm industry’s regulatory agency.

Also, despite rumors to the contrary, the .45 Colt/.410-bore lever-action Ranch Hand with the rifled barrel is good to go for importation, as is the 28-gauge Circuit Judge. You’ll see them later on this year, as well as the 28-gauge Raging Judge, with minor modifications.

Rumors also abound regarding an impending ATF ruling regarding shotguns and “sporting purposes,” but they have nothing to do with the 28-gauge Raging Judge.

Mark A. Keefe, IV



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If your a gun company make sure your attorneys do their job

In the past week Taurus unveiled 2 awesome shotguns that got killed by the ATF. These were the Trail judge and the raging judge. They were promoted at SHOT show and then poof the ATF killed them. It seems to me that before dumping the promotional money into these guns they should have made contact with the ATF and made sure that they would be importable and able to be sold without any extra restrictions. Even though the ATF is famous for being draconian it seems like Taurus should have cleared this kinda stuff before promoting a new product. I think in this case Taurus ends up with a big black eye that could have been prevented.

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BATFE Ends the fun

So according to multiple sources the ATF killed the Taurus raging judge in 28 gauge and the “trail judge” lever action .410. This is not really that surprising since the ATF has been stuck on sporting purpose for a long time. Sometime later today they are suppose to announce a new ruling dealing with both this issue and other shotgun stuff. Presumably ending the importation of Saiga 12gauges and similar shotguns with removable magazines. One of the best sources for updates on this is Prince Law I encourage you all to go check it out

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Obama Planning a 1 Billion dollar campaign for re-election

It was announced today that Obama is kicking off his 2012 campaign. As if he had not been campaigning since inauguration day. Now I am not one to argue for spending limits on campaigns, nor do I really care if he dupes enough donors into writing him a check to get to that $1,000,000,000 mark. What I think is nuts is that we are still in Jan of 2011 and he already realizes how much help he is going to need. According to OpenSecrets Obama’s total in 2008 was $745 Million so in all reality its not that much of an increase but, since he gets the benefit of being on TV whenever the hell he wants you would expect his expenditure to drop. For comparison the re-election of George W. Bush in 2004 cost $367 million. Of course I fully expect the GOP candidate to spend at least as much as Obama on the 2012. campaign. This should be fun to watch and I only hope that people realize that no single politician regardless of party is going to solve all of your problems. In fact if a president ran on the campaign of “I promise to do NOTHING except to keep my cell-phone turned on, if there is an emergency I will be there but otherwise I want to leave everybody the hell alone” Then I would gladly work tirelessly to campaign/ fund raise/ promote that candidate.

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Updated Blogroll

So I updated my blogroll today, added several more blogs. You might notice that my blogroll is substantially shorter than most, that is because rather than attempting to list every well written gunblog on the internet I simply listed the ones I read at least once a week. I may add more later but for now I suggest that you take a minute to open all of the blogs in a new tab and take a look at them. There should be something for just about everyone.

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