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Searching for my motivation

When I first joined my local gym and began working out I was rocking it, I loved the gym always spent at least an hour there and was feeling pretty good. But life happens and lately I have been loosing that motivation, I have made it to the gym most days but there are certainly a few days that I have essentially walked in futzed around for a few minutes and left. I have decided I need something new and exciting, so today I decided that as of tomorrow morning I am starting a spinning class. There is a “Begin to spin” class tomorrow morning and I will be there. Look for a full report tomorrow, that is unless the awesome amount of cardio puts me into a state worthy of a post on Ambulance Drivers Blog.

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Cheap Guns Vol 4

Todays installment is going to be the first (but likely not the last) military surplus gun on the list. It has a proven record of being an inexpensive reliable gun and I believe often goes unmentioned in discussions about military surplus guns. It is the….


The Cz-82 is essentially the CZ-83 the only difference I could find at least in my quick online research is that the 83 is a civilian version and available in more chamberings. The Cz-82 is only available in 9×18 makarov and can often be found online for less than $200 and in many gun stores for about the same price. In addition it is C&R FFL eligible so you can even have it shipped to your front door assuming you have an C&R FFL

I first shot one of these about 5 years ago with a friend of mine, her father had purchased 5 or 6 of them over a period of time and had given them out to the husbands of his daughters as they got married off. The ammo although harder to find now than it once was is still not impossible to find particularly through some of the online ammo suppliers. These guns shoot well with very mild recoil are all steel and are reliable, while making them a carry gun might be tough due to limited holster selection they make a great gun just to have around or to put in a survival kit or bug out bag.

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Another amazing day fishing

Today I got to check something off the list of things I have wanted to do since moving to Washington. I finally got to go fishing with my sweeties “poppy” he is a well respected family friend that really at this point is more family than anything else. He is a big outdoorsman as well as a gun enthusiast so just hanging out with him is always a hoot.

We went to Mineral Lake in Mineral Washington today and did VERY well between the 4 of us we caught over 20 trout although the numbers were not close to even. This was a classic example of I could put the same bait in the same “honey hole” as he did and he would end up pulling a fish out and I would end up with nothing. All in all I had a blast I got to spend a day fishing with not only him but my Fiancee and her sister (Both of which have new blogs you should check out) On the way home we stopped off at another lake and hit it breiefly but the rain had turned to monsoonal proportions and we were mighty tired and hungry. I look forward to going back to this lake and having more fishing trips with him.

Growing up I did a lot of fishing with my Father but never got a chance to go fishing with my Grandfather he was an avid fisherman mostly Blue fish off the coast of long Island, however once he moved out west he didnt really fish at all. But today I used a rod that he made many years ago and I have to say that there was something mighty nastaligic about fishing with Grandpas rod. I am not sure that it really did much for my luck fishing but it did wonders for my spirit.

Of course when we got home it became very obvious that I would be the only one cleaning all of these fish since the girls find the idea of slicing open a dead fish pretty high on the “yuck” factor. But thats alright, the house may still smell like fish guts but I know I have one hell of a dinner waiting.

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Cheap Guns Vol 3

The Kel-Tec Sub 2000

MSRP: 375-400

The Sub 2000 is a cool little gun because its chambered in 9mm or .40S&W and uses pistol magazines. Its available in several different models that accept different pistol magazines including the Beretta 92mags and the Glock 9mm magazines. This making it the perfect companion for somebody who is already carrying a pistol that uses these magazines.

Imagine this scenario in your bug out bag you put together a Glock 19 or 26 and one of these rifles. When paired with a couple of glock 17 magazines or the glock 18 33round magazines you now have a full set up for a pistol and a rifle that not only share ammo but share magazines.

While your not going to get full rifle ballistics because your still working with the same ammo you will get a longer sight radius, a longer barrel and the ability to put an optic or a rails system on it.

The street price on these is normally $275-$350 so they are even less expensive than the pistol your going to pair them with.


A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.

This morning we all woke up bright and early and hit the local trout lake. While we made a valant effort all we had to show for it was one tiny perch. Also it rained and I somehow forgot my jacket back at the house. I still enjoy fishing even when the weather is sub-par because it allows me to spend time with family while doing something I enjoy. Although I would love a day at the range more that would take more financial resources than are currently flowing in. Well now that I am showered and no longer smell like a lake I am off to work. Hopefully the rapture wont actually happen before I get home.

BTW I added my sweethearts blog to the blog roll, go check it out.


The gun owners I don’t understand.

Its no secret that I spend a lot of time on gun blogs, surfing other peoples blogs and spending endless time in GBC chat. In social situations with my group of friends firearms also come up quite often. I have been exposed to all sorts of gun owners ranging from the tacticool mall ninja who only buys HK stuff or stuff that he claims is the same gear that Seal team 6 uses. To the old school NRA fudd who just doesn’t understand why somebody would ever want a shotgun with more than 3 rounds or a semi-auto rifle. While both of these guys have views that I think are pretty much unreasonable I can almost ration with them and unless the fudd is actively threatening my right to own the guns he doesn’t like then I consider them harmless.

However the type of gun owner I am running into a little more often and DONT understand is the guy who buys lots of guns and doesn’t shoot them. No i’m not talking about an antique collector. The perfect example of this a gentleman at work who I will refer to as “Dude X”. I sold Mr. X a pretty basic used Remington 870 a few months ago, well this week he was telling me that since he turned 45years old he went out and bought a pistol in .45acp. This opened the door for me to ask how he liked the 870. He then explained to me that he had not shot the 870 and in fact it had been several years since he shot at all. I asked him why and he explained that he didnt really enjoy shooting and always had something more pressing to spend the time doing.

Now don’t get me wrong I get the time issue, and I get that many gun owners buy one gun toss it in their sock drawer and consider a tool just in case. But this guy regularly buys and sells guns that he has never put a round through. He also likes to share with everyone how he is building his “secret hidden wall” in his garage to keep the guns in. (BTW if you tell everybody about your secret its no secret anymore). I suppose the actual act of buying guns that you don’t use isn’t harmful other than he is doing himself and his family a MASSIVE disservice by thinking he is prepared when he has no idea what those guns are going to feel like or even if they function.


Protip: have backup entertainment for travel

So we are on our way home on the bus and as we get on the bus is full enough that my sweetie and I can’t sit together. I pull my ipod from the carry on back we keep passing back and forth between us. I find the ipod dead apparently I forgot to set the hold switch and the ipod played the rest of the movies I had qued up. Lol I have my phone but doubt the battery lasts the 4.5 hours home while playing with it lol.  Now I really wished I had ordered Larry corlia latest tome. Or had a kindle.

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