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NASA and the final Shuttle Launch

So yesterday I watched the final Space shuttle launch and I have to say its kinda sad, actually the fact that its the last launch is not the sad part. The part that is so sad is that we are outsourcing the space program. Obviously it seems that the private space market has not taken off due to a very limited market. I also know that its proboly a smart decision to not continue the space shuttle program for a whole list of technological and financial reasons.

But damm, making a contract with the Russians to ferry us to the ISS, I just feel like JFK must be rolling in his grave. Maybe its a sign of how we have “evolved” but more likely its a negative reflection on how Americans have lost the American Dream.



I’m sick and it sucks

Blogging might be light for the next few days I apparently caught one hell of a sinus infection and its pretty well kicking my ass.

The only thing that was more frustrating than being sick is having the stupid consulting nurse from my insurance company give me the wrong hours for the urgent care so I drove 20miles at 8am, found out that they are only open from 3pm-11pm (which seem like the most absurd office hours anywhere). Then found out that the doctors office less than 2miles from my house had an open appointment so I drove back to essentially my back yard and finally got seen.

So long story short if I wake up tomorrow and feel great you all will get a cool blog if not your going to have to wait.

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4th of July weekend


So its the weekend of 4th of July. While your out BBQ’ing, drinking a nice cold beer or whatever please remember why we celebrate this day and how we got there. But also remember that just because we became independent and free 235yrs ago doesn’t mean that we cant loose those freedoms.

Freedom is a constant battle and unfortunately it takes a tremendous amount of time/ talent/ treasure and blood to keep us free.

I have only two requests for you all, join me in this if you choose. 1. If you end up putting out a new bright and shiny American Flag this weekend double check and make sure it was made in the USA. 2. At somepoint this weekend your going to run across one or more Millitary Veterans or Active Duty servicemen thank them for their time and service.

I am very blessed to be surrounded by veterans in my life from my Sister In Law to many co-workers and extended family. To all of them I would like to thank them here.


Now go out enjoy some sunshine and be safe.


Seattle PD Officers leave AR Pattern Rifle on trunk

It looks like Seattle PD is making us all proud again this time by leaving a rifle on the back of a police cruiser and then driving away with it on the trunk lid, parking at a hotel, and driving away again with it still on there. Of course all the local news stations are having a field day with it and getting lots of love out of the “OMG the assault rifle is going to come and get you”

While this looks bad and I feel pretty bad for the gun because had it fallen off it would have gotten scratched and possibly damaged, I think the officers should get hardily laughed at and mocked but if they loose their job I would be might pissed. Of course I feel that Seattle PD might act differently if I drove around with an AR on my trunk. I do love the quote on the bottom of the article

“Whitcomb said such rifles are assigned only to officers who have additional training. They’re usually kept in the trunk or between the driver and passenger seats. He added leaving a rifle unattended is a policy violation, but not a violation of the law.”

I hope that if a “civilian” ever leaves a rifle alone that SPD remembers this quote.


I wanted to add one very important note, THE STRANGER who is our liberal alternative news paper is the only one who did a good job on this story. They correctly called the gun an AR-15 and did not use the word assault rifle at all. Everybody else has failed on this so I wanted to give them the props they deserve for getting something right.


Blogging and personal lives

I don’t claim to be a sociologist but I do like to make general guesses at what is going on with the world and where we are headed. This past week I have really become deeply aware of how I now have people in my life who I come in contact with every so often, and yet have never met. These are mostly people who either participate in VC or are bloggers that I read.

The two events that have really driven this point home for me this week were the medical issues that Weer’d’s wife has been experiencing and the fires getting ever closer to Labrat and Stingray. Now I have not met any of these folks in person, I have however read there blogs for a year or two, listened to them drone on for hours on vicious circle and certainly feel like if god forbid something terrible happened I would feel pretty damm bad. I would almost relate this to the relationship you have with a friend on Facebook who you went to high school with but have not seen in 10yrs. You feel connected even though your lives no longer intertwine.

The trouble comes when we mention these situations to individuals who are non-bloggers. More than once I have shared a story from somebodys blog and when refrencing the blogger it sorta came out as “My friend from the the internet” which sounds pretty sad and lonely if you ask me. The odd think is that society has had these relationships for a very long time. Recently here in Seattle a local celebrity new reporter, Kathi Goertzen has been undergoing treatment for a brain tumor and the out pouring of support has been large and public. I belive that in time these issues will resolve themselves. But in the mean time it could lead to some awkward moments.

FYI: according the most recent updates Mrs. Weer’d has been doing much better and Labrat and Stingray are under voluntary evacuation orders but I don’t know if they have evacuated yet.


Prayers, Karma and Good thoughts

Ladies and Gentlemen one of our own is in need of some help. Your buddy and mine Weer’d is going though a mighty tough time. His wife’s seizures are back and she has had two seizures in the last 24hrs. He did the good husband thing and rushed his ass back home to take care of her but I think he could use some good thoughts from all of us. I don’t know all the details of her medical needs but I know that thoughts and prayers wont hurt.

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James “Whitey” Bulger arrested in California

I woke up this morning to see that one of the FBI’s ten most wanted fugitives was arrested within the last 24hrs. I never personally followed this case but any time we see somebody come off the 10 most wanted list its a pretty cool day. I still really like when you walk into the post office and see these pictures up on the wall. Even in today’s world of everything cutting edge technology the idea that a snapshot in a public place still works. I also think its pretty cool that both when the military caught Bin Laden and with the capture of Bulger they were found by finding there girl friends. Not to fugitives on the run, shut up during the pillow talk.

From FoxNews:

The FBI finally caught the 82-year-old Bulger at a residence in Santa Monica along with his longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig on Wednesday, just days after the government launched a publicity campaign to locate the fugitive mobster.

“Recent publicity produced a tip which led agents to Santa Monica where they spotted both Bulger and Greig at a residence,” FBI Special Agent Greg Comcowich said in a statement Thursday. 

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