Another amazing day fishing

25 May

Today I got to check something off the list of things I have wanted to do since moving to Washington. I finally got to go fishing with my sweeties “poppy” he is a well respected family friend that really at this point is more family than anything else. He is a big outdoorsman as well as a gun enthusiast so just hanging out with him is always a hoot.

We went to Mineral Lake in Mineral Washington today and did VERY well between the 4 of us we caught over 20 trout although the numbers were not close to even. This was a classic example of I could put the same bait in the same “honey hole” as he did and he would end up pulling a fish out and I would end up with nothing. All in all I had a blast I got to spend a day fishing with not only him but my Fiancee and her sister (Both of which have new blogs you should check out) On the way home we stopped off at another lake and hit it breiefly but the rain had turned to monsoonal proportions and we were mighty tired and hungry. I look forward to going back to this lake and having more fishing trips with him.

Growing up I did a lot of fishing with my Father but never got a chance to go fishing with my Grandfather he was an avid fisherman mostly Blue fish off the coast of long Island, however once he moved out west he didnt really fish at all. But today I used a rod that he made many years ago and I have to say that there was something mighty nastaligic about fishing with Grandpas rod. I am not sure that it really did much for my luck fishing but it did wonders for my spirit.

Of course when we got home it became very obvious that I would be the only one cleaning all of these fish since the girls find the idea of slicing open a dead fish pretty high on the “yuck” factor. But thats alright, the house may still smell like fish guts but I know I have one hell of a dinner waiting.

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