Lets help a brother out

A co-worker of mine has a small boy who has Hydrocephalus, the good news is that his boy is doing great and has had very few complications. The bad news is that not all kids are this lucky many kids have far more complications and the research for this is pretty slim. So he sent out a fundraising link and I did what I could but I felt I could be more use by sharing the link with all of you.

Take some time read a little about Hydrocephalus and then make your own decision but your generosity would be greatly appreciated.


There’s a million reasons to walk…

Hello all,

As you know, our son Christopher was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus at 5 weeks old. 2 brain surgeries later and we have a happy, healthy young boy. Although we have been very blessed, we are constantly faced with the possibility that today could be the day for another revision or a replacement shunt, and yet another surgery. Please join us in our fight against hydrocephalus – by joining our team to walk with us or by making
a donation. We are walking for Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Hydrocephalus Association (HA) because we believe – we believe we
will find ways of preventing this chronic, life threatening condition. We believe better methods of treating hydrocephalus will be found, instead of relying upon procedures developed 50 years ago – procedures that have seen little innovation since then. We believe that Seattle Children’s Hospital is focused on hydrocephalus research and we believe in the program services and support HA has provided, and continues to provide, for the past 28 years. In short, we believe in the Hydrocephalus Association and its mission: to eliminate the challenges of hydrocephalus.

Please help us eliminate the challenges of hydrocephalus for the over one million Americans living with this chronic life threatening condition by making a tax-deductible donation today. Donating online (with a credit card) is easy – start by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Thank you in advance!

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Hydrocephalus Association Seattle, WA WALK



Blagojevich is guilty

So the ruling just came down, Rod Blagojevich is guilty on 17 of the 20 counts of corruption and extortion he faced. It looks like he will be doing a long time in prison and I hope he never has another free day in his life. When I first heard about this case way back, I thought he didn’t really do anything that any other politician had done. While this may be true this is no excuse. I feel that in the age of new media and prosecutors being less afraid to go after scumbags like this we will be seeing a lot more of this.

All politicians should be on notice assume every email is stored, every phone conversation recorded and now we have enough people in the new media to dig through all of this. I hope we see far more of these cases, because we could easily replace a substantial number of our non-violent drug offenders with these corrupt scumbags.

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Blogging and personal lives

I don’t claim to be a sociologist but I do like to make general guesses at what is going on with the world and where we are headed. This past week I have really become deeply aware of how I now have people in my life who I come in contact with every so often, and yet have never met. These are mostly people who either participate in VC or are bloggers that I read.

The two events that have really driven this point home for me this week were the medical issues that Weer’d’s wife has been experiencing and the fires getting ever closer to Labrat and Stingray. Now I have not met any of these folks in person, I have however read there blogs for a year or two, listened to them drone on for hours on vicious circle and certainly feel like if god forbid something terrible happened I would feel pretty damm bad. I would almost relate this to the relationship you have with a friend on Facebook who you went to high school with but have not seen in 10yrs. You feel connected even though your lives no longer intertwine.

The trouble comes when we mention these situations to individuals who are non-bloggers. More than once I have shared a story from somebodys blog and when refrencing the blogger it sorta came out as “My friend from the the internet” which sounds pretty sad and lonely if you ask me. The odd think is that society has had these relationships for a very long time. Recently here in Seattle a local celebrity new reporter, Kathi Goertzen has been undergoing treatment for a brain tumor and the out pouring of support has been large and public. I belive that in time these issues will resolve themselves. But in the mean time it could lead to some awkward moments.

FYI: according the most recent updates Mrs. Weer’d has been doing much better and Labrat and Stingray are under voluntary evacuation orders but I don’t know if they have evacuated yet.


Prayers, Karma and Good thoughts

Ladies and Gentlemen one of our own is in need of some help. Your buddy and mine Weer’d is going though a mighty tough time. His wife’s seizures are back and she has had two seizures in the last 24hrs. He did the good husband thing and rushed his ass back home to take care of her but I think he could use some good thoughts from all of us. I don’t know all the details of her medical needs but I know that thoughts and prayers wont hurt.

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Interesting issues arise when guns and geeks run into each other

Its no secret to anybody that there is a pretty strong presence of tech-heads, geeks and nerds in the gun community. Honestly I cant fully explain this but I like it a lot. I think this correlation helps bring in more shooters and helps our community all around.

Today I read an article By Caleb over at Gun Nuts Media basically one of the local IDPA clubs here in Washington passed a rule saying no video at the event, Caleb views himself as a journalist first and a shooter second and this pulled his support from the event. Initially I had mixed feelings because Caleb has an interesting reputation however we can all agree he posts great videos and does some pretty cool work. The way I see this issue as I understand it is that the powers at be at this specific club are pretty opposed to new media and don’t want to welcome us bloggers, or at least not blogger who rely heavily on video at their club.

I view this much as the same as the Fudds in the hunting community who don’t see a reason for me to own and AR-15 a modern capacity pistol or a shotgun that is useful for more than duck hunting. I have no love for Fudds and think they are dangerous to our cause. As I wrote HERE. So on this issue I am standing with Caleb and Gun Nuts Media. If this club doesn’t want us then fine we have plenty of other clubs. One thing that western Washington is blessed with is a ton of good gun clubs, so no real loss here.


James “Whitey” Bulger arrested in California

I woke up this morning to see that one of the FBI’s ten most wanted fugitives was arrested within the last 24hrs. I never personally followed this case but any time we see somebody come off the 10 most wanted list its a pretty cool day. I still really like when you walk into the post office and see these pictures up on the wall. Even in today’s world of everything cutting edge technology the idea that a snapshot in a public place still works. I also think its pretty cool that both when the military caught Bin Laden and with the capture of Bulger they were found by finding there girl friends. Not to fugitives on the run, shut up during the pillow talk.

From FoxNews:

The FBI finally caught the 82-year-old Bulger at a residence in Santa Monica along with his longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig on Wednesday, just days after the government launched a publicity campaign to locate the fugitive mobster.

“Recent publicity produced a tip which led agents to Santa Monica where they spotted both Bulger and Greig at a residence,” FBI Special Agent Greg Comcowich said in a statement Thursday. 

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New Gunnie on the BlogRoll

I added to the blog roll, its the blog of Dennis from Dragon Leather Works. He does some pretty cool looking holsters and his views on 2nd amendment issues and politics are something that I enjoy reading so now he is on the blog roll.

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