The Casey Anthony mess

07 Jul

I held off on posting about Casey Anthony and the verdict until today when the sentencing came down. Long story short it looks like she is getting a sentence of essentially four years but by the time her time served is accounted for and the normal deductions for good time and such she will be out next Thursday. Her only convictions are those of proving false information to law enforcement.

Now I don’t know if she killed her beautiful little girl or if she had anything to do with it, however I do know that she is a creepy woman who seems to have some serious stability issues. It also appears that her family is most certainly damaged goods as well. However more importantly she was exonerated by a jury of her peers. While I rarely have faith in government in general I believe strongly in the jury trial system. This is not to say that I believe she dis not have a hand in this crime, it simply means that I trust the jury that the prosecution did not meet their burden of proof. I also firmly believe that in the end she will receive her final judgement from the LORD. However the important part now is that we don’t let this damage our faith in the court system. While it is imperfect it is also the best system among the available options.

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Posted by on July 7, 2011 in blogging, Politics


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