Enjoying a day off from work and the todo list

08 Jun

Yesterday I spent most of the day spending time with the family and doing a few things around the house including finally getting my lawn mower at least mostly fixed so I can mow the lawn without all the hassle I have been dealing with for the last 2 weeks. Well today for a whole variety reasons I am essentialy doing nothing. I have two Netflix DVD’s sitting here and am working my way through them other than that is just a lot of hanging out on the couch and not doing much at all.

The first movie I watched this morning was “Drive Angry” I enjoyed the film and found it to be a good mix of comedy, violence, and a ton of stupidly used cheesy nudity. For a Nick Cage movie it was pretty good. Lots of cruddy gun handling and lots of stupid physics but in general it was very enjoyable. It is essentially a revenge flick with a little bit of a mystical or magical twist. I could have lived without the mystical magical stuff but I would certainly watch the movie again.

The second movie I watched was “The King of Kong” its a documentary I heard about on The Film Vault about the world of competitive classic arcade gaming. It was enjoyable but certainly a little slow and the ending was a little predictable. The film did a good job of making the nerds look like nerds and also also showing how serious this “sport” was taken. I would certainly recommend it to others but only if you have a little bit of a gamer nerd inside you without that your not going to make it through this movie. It reminded me a lot of Word Wars another fabulous documentary that actually makes competitive Scrabble look like a blast.

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