Bachelor Weekend, and a little bit of sappy cat blogging.

05 Jun

The girls are out of town for the weekend at a bridal shower so this weekend its been just me and the cat. So far all has been going well but it really has shown me how much of a routine and schedule person I am. Normally after work I go to bed basically ASAP because my sweetie generally stays up for me until I get home and she needs to go right to bed because she works FAR earlier than I do in the morning. Well last night I could have gone out, could have stayed up and watched a movie but instead I came in changed into my PJ’s and crawled into bed after less than 60 minutes of hanging out on the couch. I wasn’t particularly tired or anything just kinda following my routine. However I did learn one very important lesson maybe the cat and I have more in common than I once thought because while the girls are gone he has not let this disrupt his routine either. He still spends all day ignoring me even when we are in the same room and as long as the food and water dishes stay full I assume this would continue without end. Yesterday I tried to engage him a little bit and for a moment he seemed interested and then he simply decided that the sunshine in the window was more enjoyable.

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Posted by on June 5, 2011 in Day in the life


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