Movie Review: The Bridge

04 Jun

I listen to a lot of podcasts, some of them are gun related like Down Range Radio others are pure comedey such as The Adam Carolla show and then of course there is VC, but one that I only started listening to about 8 months ago was “The Film Vault” its a film podcast and part of the Adam Carolla network of podcasts. I enjoy the Film Vault because it exposes me to a lot of movies that I would not have seen prior. One of those movies is “The Bridge” this movie made in 2004 is a documentry on the Golden Gate Bridge specifically the large number of people who choose to end their lives by jumping off the bridge each year.

This movie tells the story of many people who have chosen to jump with most of the story told by family and friends. There is also an interview with a man who jumped and survived. While this movie was very depressing and actually hard to watch at times because I lost a family member to suicide less than 2years ago. However this movie was incredibly respectful and non-judgmental of the choices people have made. Essentially the movie is the same story being told multiple times by different families however the nuances between these stories is where the real interesting part is.

Over the course of the movie you do witness a number of people jump off the bridge to their death, you also see a woman get pulled back from the edge and multiple interviews with people who have witnessed others jump. The part of the movie that I assume was left out on purpose and I felt was missing was any sort of interview with an official either with local law enforcement or bridge management. I would like to know what their stance on this situation is and if there have been any measures put in place to mitigate the large number of deaths.

While I firmly believe that this would not stop the majority of the people from dying, I do believe that there would be a vested interest in not having those deaths occur on the bridge. Also it seems odd since the San Francisco area is know as one of the most intrusive nanny state regions in the country why would there not be some sort of mitigation for this?


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