Cheap Guns Vol 2.

10 May

The Remington 870 Shotgun

First Introduced: 1951


Number in Production: Over 10million

This is a gun that you only would have seen if you have ever, visited a gun store, shot any sort of clay game, gone hunting for anything between the size of a rabbit and an elk or went to a gun show. The 870 shotguns do everything from social work to fun on the clay fields. There are close to a dozen different versions ranging from the standard wood stock 12 gauge or a 12 gauge “tactical” shotgun with an 18in barrel to 30in barreled waterfowl guns, and just about everything in between. The great thing is how easy it is to swap out barrels, stocks and forends. Thus making it extremely customizable. My preferred setup is about a 20in barrel with a synthetic stock and forend. Of course if you feel the need to hang junk off the end rails are also available.

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