The Magic of Little League.

04 May

Yesterday after a very long day of running wedding related errands and getting a lot of those things nailed down myself and the family went to my sweeties cousins baseball game. He is 7yrs old and this is second year playing baseball. Honestly I think the last little league game I had been to was one that I played in when I was a little kid. It was really pretty cool to watch.

Although the game had a lot of the little “modern” touches that annoy me such as not keeping score. However the kids seem to be having a blast and all of the parents were well behaved. I was even really surprised by how passionate the coaches seemed about the game and the kids. I saw real technique coaching going on. One thing that I did have to laugh about was that although the vast majority of the kids had bats and gloves that were obviously the “early season special” at the local sporting goods store there was one kid with the Demarini bat and premium glove. Not sure that a better bat being rubbed in the dirt makes the kid any better but it does make the parent feel better LOL.

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Posted by on May 4, 2011 in Day in the life


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