The Red mosin starts to come to life

22 Apr

I realize I should have posted more over the last few days about how this project is progressing. Well as of yesterday all the painting is done and it is ready for clear coat. I let the gun sit a full 24hrs with a fan running on it to make sure that the second coat of paint dried nicely.

This morning I walked out and was pretty happy with how the color came out. I found a few spots where the paint felt a little “soft” but nothing too bad. So I kept the fan running on it and went out to run some errands. One of the errands that I ran was to pick up some spray polyurethane to use as a clear coat and shell over the paint. Since this entire time I have had to work by painting one side then letting it dry and flipping the gun over to paint the other I figured I would do that same process with the clear coat, other than it being much faster drying times. So I sprayed the first side of the rifle with the clear coat making sure to use a thin even coat and knowing that I would have to do additional coats later.

About 30minutes later I went back outside and flipped the gun over, this is where my first minor issue came in. I found a spot back near the butt of the gun where when I “scratched” at the paint the red paint kinda slid off. I am not sure if this was an adhesion issue due to the cosmoline or just something else but the primer was still in tact just fine. So instead of clear coating that side I double/ triple /  checked the rest of the finish to see if I could find any more spots like that. I did not. So I pulled the red paint back out (after of course my brushes were finally all nice and clean) and did the 8minutes of painting required to fix the issue. The only problem is now I cant spray that side until that oil paint dries again. So as of right now the gun is clear coated on one side but not the other. But it wouldn’t be a project without a few headaches.

Here are some pictures of the gun, this is the non clear coated size but after I did my minor repair job. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to post some pictures of the rifle all assembled and looking good.


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