Local Gun Store gets broken into and the anti gunners come out.

21 Apr

Early this morning one of the local shops in my area was broken into. The shop, Discount Gun Sales is in Tukwilla Washington and is part of a chain that is popular in Washington with several new locations in Oregon. The method of break in was pretty simple, the buglers stole a truck and then drove the truck through the front of the store. At this point it is not exactly clear what was stolen but media reports continue to say multiple handguns were stolen. The owner of the shop is doing a more complete inventory to get an exact list.

I never want to see any store get broken into or have items stolen and particularly not a gun shop. However this story turn a crappy turn when I started reading some of the commenter’s on the KOMO News site. While many of the comments were reasonable some were just far out looney here is my current favorite.

“Two things amongst all the wrong here. 
Second, why is it that we have to have guns in a shopping complex as if it’s a Hairmasters? GUNS! Here’s an idea, how about you can only purchase guns and ammunition from your local police precinct where they can run a thorough background check on you before handing over a weapon from their secure cache?”

This guy is obviously a loon who has lost grip on reality, I hate to even give him the compliment of taking up space on my blog but I found it just funny enough to put up.

However there was one comment that I had a good chuckle at and I actually agree with at least in premise.

I wonder if the BATF was involved–they seem to like getting guns to criminals on the southern border…

Many of the commenter’s mentioned that the store should have taken additional precautions such as removing guns from the store or putting them in a safe at night, as well as environmental design practices such as large cement planters or blocks to prevent this sort of theft. While these are all smart ideas I don’t think its appropriate to blame the victim in this situation. If some d-bag is devoted enough to steal a truck and drive it through a store to steal a few guns there isnt much that is going to stop this theft. Hell if you give me a 4wd pickup and a good length of chain there isn’t much a safe is going to do either. I fully encourage all store owners who sell anything from hamburgers to hand grenades to take a serious look at improving security measures in and around your property but just because a store gets robbed doesn’t mean the owners did something wrong.

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Here is a link to the original story below

Tukwila Police are looking for two men who smashed a truck through the front doors of a gun shop and made off with several handguns early Thursday.

Investigators said the thieves worked very quickly, breaking into the Discount Gun Sales store at 311 Tukwila Parkway about 4 a.m. and taking off with the stolen guns in just one minute. 

“We obviously don’t want stolen guns out there,” said police spokesman Mike Murphy. “We don’t know where they’re going to go. They’re obviously not going to go for good use. We hope to recover them as quick as possible.”

A trail of broken glass from the shop led officers to a Ford F-150 pickup truck dumped several blocks away at Bicentennial Park, where the thieves apparently switched vehicles. The truck had been stolen from somewhere in Kent. 

No description of the thieves was released. 

Murphy said detectives are reviewing security camera video from inside the store and looking at recordings from nearby traffic cameras. 

The store owner is checking inventory to determine exactly how many weapons were stolen.

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One response to “Local Gun Store gets broken into and the anti gunners come out.

  1. greg

    June 19, 2012 at 08:21

    Shut up…. Let me guess. Your a woman but also live in a desent neighborhood huh. Shut up.


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