Turning a run of the mill Mosin M44 into an attention getter.

11 Apr

I have an Izhevsk Russian Mosin M44 that I picked up at Big5 sporting goods a few years back. Its fun to shoot and its alright. But one thing that has always bugged me is that everybody and their brother has a mosin of some sort and unless you get up close and start comparing arsenal proof marks they all pretty much look the same.  Then one day at work I was thinking of what to do with it and I was reminded of Calebs Red Racer from The Holster Site. That gave me the idea of painting the Mosin a color that would really stand out.

Before I started the process I started a thread over at The High Road and got some advice from the guys over there. This morning I started the process I stripped the gun down and removed the stock, and started stripping the finish. My first attempt was mineral spirits and I got nowhere fast. However after another trip to Walmart and picking up a can of Lacquer thinner I got the finish pretty much removed.  A little clean up sanding and its starting to get ready for paint. So here is what I have so far.


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