Two GOP candidates that your not taking seriously and you should

07 Apr

Between the popularity of the TEA party and the general feeling of distrust of all politicians the 2012 election is going to be unlike 2008 and certainly like anything prior to that. I feel that for the first time in many elections the GOP candidate will not come from the “political establishment” but instead come from somewhere else. Likely the business world.

Now neither of the canidates I am presenting today are established politicians and both come from the business world. One of them has IMMENSE name recognition and the other has almost NO name recognition.

The first candidate is Herman Cain I first became aware of Mr. Cain when he announced his candidacy on Fox news a few months back. He is currently a radio talk show host in Georgia and has had a successful career in business ranging from time flipping burgers at Burger King to being the CEO of Godfathers Pizza. As well as being head of the National Restaurant Association. I feel that his only major obstacle is that he is not well known, this hurts him in the name recognition department as well as a general feeling that people are unsure what might come out of his past. The good news is that he is getting in early and this gives him pleanty of time to become well known to the voters.

If you wish to learn more about him go and check out his website or watch  few of his videos including is amazing speech at CPAC.

The second candidate is none other than Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is a real estate and business mogul. He is worth billions and continues to grow his personal fortune. I feel that his fiscal responsibility and knowledge is exactly what this country needs. I also feel that although he is use to living amongst a rather elite crowd he can actually relate to every day Americans. Now the truth is he does have some things in his past that might hurt him. He has had an interesting history of marriages and recently participated in a Comedy Central Roast of himself. While these things may hurt his ratings with social conservatives. I truly feel that this election is going to be focused so strongly on fiscal issues that he may still stands an amazing chance of winning. I also feel that although he is known as a celebrity through this TV shows and such he has a real political mind and has the connections to surround himself with the right people.


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Posted by on April 7, 2011 in Politics


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