Applied for my Washington CPL today

06 Apr

Yesterday was a long day of yard work and getting stuff around the house done, the good news is the back yard is really starting to look amazing. The bad news is somewhere between planting/ power washing/ moving a much overfull yard debris cart around today my back is shot. I woke up and thought I would be ok if I just didn’t go to the gym like I usually do but as soon as I went outside again to start some more work my back told me that today was going to be one of those days where you take it easy.

But I did have some other errands to run and one that I have been meaning to do but have put off for at least 8weeks now is turning in my CPL application. So I did that today. In Washington (or at least in my area) pistol applications are handled by an organization called LESA the law enforcement support agency. The way I understand it they are essentially the records division for the sheriff but they are a private agency. I drove down there today and on my way in had to go through the normal security screening since the office is in the county court building. Impression #1 the building has an express line for people who don’t have any bags/ hand carried items ect. THIS MAKES SENSE and was very nice. So I go up to the 2nd floor and get in line, the line was huge and about 95% of the people in the line were there for CPL applications with a few others mixed in for general records requests or fingerprinting for something else.

The LESA staff was kind and well organized the process was pretty smooth and although it was very different than my prior experiences with CHL applications it worked. Some of the surprises that I encountered were that about 50% of the applicants were female, this was great to see I think so many times CHL applicants get stereotyped as white old guys. Another surprise was that through this entire process I never get got asked the dreaded “why are you applying” question. This again was very nice. Overall the process was nice but the 2hours in line wasn’t.  Compared to the process in Oregon I would say that the Oregon process was much quicker and maybe even easier but this one was a little more organized, the only difficult part of this process was the large number of applicants waiting for one processor.

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