Oops its been 2 weeks since I blogged

30 Mar

Alright two full weeks without any new content is not exactly the way to keep my readers happy (all 3 of you). Oddly enough in the last two weeks I have had a pretty good run of gun related stuff happening. I went shooting last week with my Brother as well as my sweetie and her sister. We had a great time put a ton of rounds down range and enjoyed ourselves. However a few things did strike me.

1. Somehow the magic of the .22lr is still never lost on me, I spent FAR more time behind a .22lr pistol than I did my carry gun and I put less than 10rounds through my centerfire rifle but spent a significant amount of time shooting the .22lr rifle.

2. Forgetting your sweeties gun at the house is a GREAT way to tick her off. In the process of loading the car I forgot her .22lr rifle on my workbench. Luckily I did bring her .22lr pistol as well as several other guns but I felt pretty dumb for that one.

3. While I love the current range I have been shooting at Tacoma Sportmens Club I yearn for a more open less structured environment. Not being able to do any holster drills or even a set of double taps kinda bugs me.

Now the ammo cabinet is mostly empty and its time to restock.

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Posted by on March 30, 2011 in Gun stuff


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