Maggie Reese wins again.

16 Mar

As a new blogger I am still very obsessed with my stats. So again I am pouring over my last set of statistics and again Maggie Reese tops the list in so many ways. I sent an email this week to Maggie Reese looking for some more specific information so I can please the people and as of yet she has not responded. But I think its pretty cool that even after her elimination from Top Shot she is still getting the web attention.

maggie reese 77
taurus ct g2 23
maggie reese wiki 11
maggie reese wikipedia 8
olegvolk 8
mossberg chainsaw 7
taurus carbine ct g2 6
germany’s national security ww1 4
taurus guns 4
trail judge gun 4
taurus raging judge 28 4
maggie reese top shot 3
top shot maggie reese 3
batfe shotgun ruling january 24 3
top shot season 2 3
taurus raging judge 28 gauge 3
maggie reese topshot 3
taurus ct g2 carbine 3
batfe shotgun importation 3
shot show 2011 3
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Posted by on March 16, 2011 in Day in the life, Gun stuff


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