Elections have Consequences even in Wisconsin

10 Mar

So for the last 3weeks I have been watching the shenanigans in Wisconsin go on and on. Its fun to watch but now its just getting ridiculous. Today protesters forcibly broke into the Wisconsin capitol, broke windows and pushed passed metal detectors and other security measures.

I suppose I should be sorry that these leftists lost an election and Gov. Walker won but I don’t, the people of Wisconsin elected this current group of leaders and then they are doing exactly what they were elected to do, cut the budget and restore order. While I think both sides of the issue are starting to become more interested in the news coverage than actually serving the people who elect them I can’t help but default back to believing that they got what they asked for.

Now I say this as a union member, I am actually an SEIU Local 6 member in Washington. The idea of watching a portion of my paycheck go to SEIU bothers the hell out of me BUT I have to support myself and soon my family so sometimes you have to make decisions that might damage your ideals. However I need to note that so far my union has been good about only working on issues that actually effect our industry. That was until this week when I received an email asking me to “Stand with Wisconsin” I then immediately wrote to my union and explained that I feel that they need to stick to our own industry and not go political on this junk.

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Posted by on March 10, 2011 in Politics


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