Film Review: Exit Through the Gift Shop

07 Mar

As an avid podcast junkie one of the podcast I regularly listen to is The Film Vault, and in that show one of the hosts regularly talks about this movie as one of the best movies he has seen recently. It seemed very much not my style since I have never been to an art show and really do think of “street art” as vandalism. Exit Through the Gift shop is essentially the story of several street artist from California and one guy who walks around with a video camera filming them all the time. About half way through the film the “filmmaker” becomes a street artist himself and essentially takes what he has picked up from the other artists and makes a huge profit off it.

I took a chance on this movie really just because it was on Netflix instant view and I had some time, well I am very glad that I found it and will recommend it to others. It reminded me a lot of My Kid could Paint That which is another great film I recommend for you all. This film is a pretty artsy film but has a fair amount of human interest and comedy in it. It got and R rating but I don’t really see why. If you have an extra 84 minutes and nothing to watch then check this one out. Overall I would give it 4/5 stars.

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Posted by on March 7, 2011 in Day in the life


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