Don’t be “that guy”

06 Mar

It should not be a secret to any of us who regularly shoot or read gun blogs or whatever that gun owners are actually a pretty diverse group of people (despite how the media portrays us) and their are lots of personality types in the movement.

There are guys who shoot for the sole purpose of hunting they own a few guns all chambered in major centerfire calibers and maybe a .357mag trail gun. These guys are good people generally although this is the type of person who created “fudds” who are destructive to other parts of the movement.

There are the competitors, these individuals live for the next IDPA/IPSC / whatever match and if it didn’t roll out of a custom shop it must be shit. Again good guys but they have their faults.

The next group might not even consider themselves part of the movement, this is the person who owns 1-3 guns solely for the purpose of home defense, likely fires less than 50rounds per year but wouldn’t really like to just hand them over when the BATFE agent shows up on their porch.

Next group is the hardcore CCW guy, I think this guy is personified by Michael Bane, although they are interested in all aspects of the shooting sports their main goal is personal protection and they carry everywhere they can. This is likely the most likely person to want to bring someone new into the movement but again they have limited interests.

Finally you have the gun nut, this is those of us that have rooms devoted to guns always have a “guns I want list” that is longer than a standard grocery list and they sometimes spend half of their day on a forum or gun blogs. Some of these guys are all talk most have very strong opinions but again still mostly good guys.

Finally there is that guy, this is the guy who buys guns just because somebody somewhere said that its the most awesome gun ever. He often buys multiples of the same gun “just in case” and likely only wants to buy from private sellers due to not wanting the man to see what he is doing. Sometime these guys come out of the survivalist/ prepper movement sometimes they don’t. Again to each their own however the dangerous part about these is a surprising number feel the need to bring gun conversation up at the wrong time, force opinions on people and often don’t respect the social norms. These guys may seem normal until you hear them talk about the next civil uprising and zombie apocalypse. This type of attitude is fine in certain settings but often drives people away from mainstream gun owners because these types get picked up on by the media like a sex scandal. Frankly its my belief that although this type of stuff is fun and enjoyable when everybody expect that its a little exaggerated it can also become mighty dangerous to our cause.

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Posted by on March 6, 2011 in Gun stuff


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