Somali Pirates take more hostages

21 Feb

Somali pirates have taken a yacht with 4 Americans on it hostage off the coast of Oman, apparently this yacht broke off from its larger sailing group and essentially got picked off. According to CNN the US Navy is following the boat and monitoring the situation. My first reaction was “damm I hope the US Navy uses some badass snipers like they did on Easter 2009“. However cool that might be I really think there needs to be a push from boat owners, yacht clubs, and travelers in general to allow these sailors to arm themselves. While I am not an attorney and no expert at maritime law it is my understanding that most ports are VERY hostile to any sort of firearms on board passenger vessels. I would certainly like to see this change and restrictions loosen up. I assure you that after the first few batches of pirates get thwarted by a few yacht owners with Saiga shotguns, we would see much less of this crap.

(CNN) — A U.S. Navy warship and helicopters are trailing a boat believed to be the one that was hijacked by Somali pirates over the weekend, a senior military source with knowledge of the operation told CNN. Four Americans were manning the boat.

Pirates boarded the American yacht off the coast of Oman last Friday, three days after the boat’s owners split off from the relative safety of a sailing group traversing a dangerous section of the Indian Ocean, according to the group, the Blue Water Rally.


Although only tangentially related to this story I cant even think about a Somali pirate story without remembering this gem from a letter to the editor I read in one of the alternative newspapers in portland last year. When responding to an article about a company that built UAV unmanned drones, the author wrote. Link to the Letter to the Editor and a link to the Original story about the drones.

Finally, Pitkin’s frequent use of the word “pirate” to describe the Somali activists forced to commit desperate acts to protect their shores from intentional deadly dumping of nuclear waste by the Brits and the Mafia. We are being lied to about that situation as well. Corporate control of the media assures the stories we are fed are red herrings. We are in the age of media brainwash. Language is powerful and writers must be especially vigilant. The stakes are higher than ever.

That said, I was glad WW stepped up to the plate and dealt with this issue. There were some excellent ethical questions raised.

Helen Hill
Bay City


It appears that negotiations have broken down and the pirates have killed all four Americans. The navy did kill at least two pirates but it was too late. My prayers go out to the families of these men and women.

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