Alaska State Rep. Cissna says screw off to TSA

21 Feb

I regularly interact with the TSA staff at SeaTac airport since I work nearby and in general most of them are semi-decent human beings but a few are complete asses. Which by itself is not that unusual since people in all professions can be difficult to deal with. Then this morning I wake up and read this from the Seattle PI.

Rep. Sharon Cissna underwent a body scan as she was preparing to leave Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Sunday and was then required to undergo the pat-down by Transportation Safety Administration officials, said Michelle Scannell, her chief of staff.

Scannell said that TSA called for the pat-down because the scan showed Cissna had had a mastectomy. But it wasn’t immediately clear from statements by the lawmaker’s office and TSA why that would necessitate the further search.

So at least from this article it appears that the woman had a medical device, the body scan machine cant tell the difference between a prosthetic and a bomb so some frisky TSA agent decided that she needed to be groped. Then Rep. Cissna decided to say screw off and chose a slower, likely more expensive mode of travel to keep her dignity intact. To this I applaud her and encourage others to do this as well. I hope that when she gets back to Alaska she holds a news conference to make sure that this hits national news.

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Posted by on February 21, 2011 in Politics


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