The revolution in Egypt

11 Feb

So the past two days I have been glued to the TV watching the happenings in Egypt. So far I have been impressed that the protesters have remained largely peaceful. I fully expected to see burning cars and the capitol being torched. Group think can be so dangerous that these things can shift pretty easy. Secondly I have been surprised by the US reaction, at first Obama struggled to find his place, first taking flak from the media for being uninvolved and then being attacked for being too involved. Its no secret that the US has a history of wanting to be intimately involved in these sorts of things and I fully believe that within weeks we will have some sort of Congressional delegation sent over.

I hope the people of Egypt realize the greatness of the opportunity ahead of them and snap it up for all its worth because these events are rare and precious. Also whatever government gets established will hopefully be stable. The last thing the world needs is another unstable government in that region. Also the reaction of Israel should be very interesting to watch.


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