Top Shot Season 2 on History

09 Feb

I watched the premier of Season 2 of Top shot last night. Last year I watched season one and really liked it, originally what drew me to Top Shot was that I knew Caleb and was an avid listener to his podcast. However over the course of the season I really enjoyed the show. This year also started off with a bang, the challenges last night were enjoyable and exciting, the cast of the show was also pretty diverse and should be good fodder for some drama later on.

One thing I don’t like about the show is that most of the challenges are based on “closest to the target center” rather than “group size” I feel that this doesn’t accurately test marksmanship since at least from what we see on the show the contestants don’t get to adjust the sights for themselves.

As far as from what I saw last night my favorite contestants are Daryl Parker and Maggie Reese, they both seem competent and energetic and should both go far in this competition.

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Posted by on February 9, 2011 in Day in the life, Gun stuff


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