I really don’t get the online ammo sales thing

09 Feb

At my heart I am two things, a gun geek and a tech nerd. These two often overlap (duhh, your reading a gun blog), I spend tons of time on several of the gun forums and if I go a day without surfing the clearance section of midway or sportsman’s guide, its a rarity. I have purchased all sorts of stuff online for my gun hobby. However one thing I have never purchased online is ammo. Not that I wouldn’t love to but I just have never found a good deal. See the problem is that ammo is heavy and most websites add “special handling fee’s and such” this makes the ammo online significantly more expensive than in the stores.

Now I can see that if I was looking for a specific load I might very well be willing to look online but most of the time my ammo choice is dictated by price, I have a few brands/ loads that I like to shoot and I have a few that I stay away from but for the most part if I walk into the store and on brand of ammo is on sale thats likely what I will walk out with. If you read the forums it seems like everybody else does nothing but buy ammo online and this argument never comes up. Even the websites that include shipping in their prices don’t really get down to store prices.

Maybe I am missing out, maybe I am the wrong demographic because I buy ammo 1-3 boxes at a time rather than ordering a bulk of 1000+ identical rounds. Whatever it is I would love nothing more than for UPS to deliver my ammo but it just doesn’t seem cost effective.

An example of this is most of the when I buy my .40S&W ammo I pay 15-17/ 50rnd box that normally gets me either magtech or remington green box or sometimes Winchester White Box. But online the best price I can find for .40 is about 179.00/ 500rnds that is for reloaded bulk ammo. I guess I must be missing something.

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