Starting my new exercise plan

04 Feb

So this past Monday I joined a gym, when I lived down in Portland I belonged to a gym and was actually pretty good about going to the gym and then I sorta lost my motivation to go and then eventually cancelled my membership. I have found that I work best when I have a goal with a hard deadline. Well now that I am engaged I have my hard deadline. I need to look good for my wedding pictures as well as start living healthier so I can have a long and productive life with my sweetie.

Of course I wanted to somehow attach this to my blog and at first guilty about blogging on a “gun blog” about my weight loss journey. BUT its my blog and so be it, and then I stepped on my scale and read my weight, it was 308lbs. I immediately said ooh thats a rifle caliber, and this inspired me to make my goal weight another caliber number number. So I have set myself a goal weight of 223lbs by my wedding on Sep 10th 2011. That is about 12lbs/ month and I think I can do that. I have lots to loose so hopefully with hard work and healthy eating I can get there. I will be posting updates and maybe even some recipes as time goes on.

As far as eating, I know my weaknesses (fried food) and I feel that I can cut that out pretty easily. Previously I had a real issue with soft drinks and now I very rarely drink them, this was accomplished by me falling in love with a water cooler and just keeping my water bottle full. So far I have been eating a fair amount of baked and grilled chicken and although I have had some fried food already this week I think I can do this.

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