Shot Show 2011

19 Jan

Well since I am not at the shot show this year I figured I would “virtually attend” by surfing as many blogs and forums as I could until I found some stuff that really interested me. So here is what I have found interesting so far.

Smith and Wesson M&P .22lr

Now this is something I really like, its an M&P pistol chambered in .22lr. This looks like not only lots of fun but also an exceptional training tool for those of us that carry M&P’s regularly. No confirmation if the dimensions are close enough to use holsters and such from the full size M&P but if that works then I will certainly be needing one.

thank you to Caleb at GunNuts Media for the picture

The Mossberg 500 Chainsaw, its a pistol grip Mossberg 500 with a chainsaw style handle. I don’t really like pistol grip shotguns but this one kinda strikes my fancy. May consider this one down the road.

Thank you to AJ at glocktalk for this

The Smith and Wesson Governor, yep its just like the Taurus Judge only it also shoots .45acp with moon clips. AND it only weighs 28oz’s. This is certainly going to be flying off the shelves as soon as it starts showing up in gun shops. I don’t see myself getting one but I would love to shoot it.

Copyright Smith and Wesson

I will be adding more stuff as I find it for thats it for now.

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