More Shot Show goodies from Taurus

19 Jan

Today 2 more new guns from Taurus were brought to my attention.


The Raging Judge in 28gauge


Taurus has continued their line of judge guns with a 28gauge addition, this adds some firepower and should turn out to be a pretty cool gun. Like most of the Judge line it has its detractors, and lots of people bring up that the 28gauge is not nearly as popular as other shotgun gauges. However ammunition is still available at most good sized gun stores and its easily available online. I would have rather seen it in 20gauge but that might be asking for too much in a handgun. Beyond the “what would I use if for” question the only real question I have about the gun is that since there is not a corresponding pistol caliber for it to be dual-chambered in I wonder what sort of magic Taurus had to pull to get a BATFE sign off. I also wonder if any states are going to react to this in a negative manner.

Image: Taurus USA


The next new gun from Taurus is the Taurus CT G2 its a carbine chambered in 9mm, .40S&w or .45acp. I have always felt that affordable pistol caliber carbines were something that we needed more of. While Kel-tec and Hi-point both have their versions I feel that this gun might cause others to come to the market. Of course more guns in the market is always a good thing. Depending on what the street price of this gun turns out to be I think I may have to consider it.

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