2012 GOP Canidates

13 Jan

So I have decided to take on listing as many of the 2012 GOP candidates as possible. My only criteria is that either that have  formed a Presidential exploratory committee or the have made some sort of public statement alluding to the fact that they are considering a run. If you find one that I have missed please let me know. At this time I am not posting candidates who ONLY have speculation from media without some sort of confirmation from them or their staff. Feel free to suggest future candidates.


Newt Gingrich

Name: Newt Gingrich

Birth date: Born: June 17th 1943

Current Position: Senior fellow at American Enterprise institute

Prior Government Experience:

-Speaker of US House Jan 1995- Jan 1999

-US House 1979-1999

Campaign Status: Lots of speculation, as of yet no Presidential Exploratory committee.

Bobby Jindal

Name: Bobby Jindal

Birth date: Born: June 10th 1971

Current Position: Governor of Louisiana

Prior Government Experience: -US House 2005-2008

Campaign Status: Speculation, currently saying he would rather run for Governor again.

Michele Bachmann

Name: Michele Bachmann

Birth date: Born: April 6, 1956

Current Position: US House

Prior Government Experience: Minnesota State Senate Jan 2001-2007

Campaign Status: Aides say that she is planning a run for President in 2012

Sarah Palin

Name: Sarah Palin

Birth date: Born: Feb 11th, 1964

Current Position: Speaker, Author

Prior Government Experience:

-Mayor of Wasilla Alaska Oct 1996-Oct 2002

-Chair Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation commission.

-Governor Of Alaska 2006-2009

Campaign Status: -Likely to run however no official announcement yet.

Tim Pawlenty

Name: Tim Pawlenty

Birth date: Born: Nov 27th 1960

Current Position: Chair Freedom First PAC

Prior Government Experience:

-Governor of Minnesota 2003-Jan 2011

-Minnesota State house 1993-2003

Campaign Status: Chose not to run for 3rd term as Governor however no exploratory committee yet.

Mitt Romney


Name: Mitt Romney

Birth date: Born March 12th 1947

Current Position: Chair Free & Strong America PAC

Prior Government Experience: Governor of Massachusetts 2003-2007

Campaign Status: Is still holding is PAC money from 2008 campaign. No filing yet.


Donald J. Trump

Name: Donald Trump

Birth date: Born June 14th 1946

Current Position: Business Owner/ TV personality

Prior Government Experience: None

Campaign Status: Has publicly said he would consider a run however will make announcement after next season of TV Show “


Herman Cain

Name: Herman Cain

Birth date: December 13, 1945

Current Position: Radio talk host/ Columnist/ Former CEO Godfathers Pizza 1986-2002

Prior Government Experience: Ran unsuccessfully for US Senate in 2004

Campaign Status: Presidential Exploratory committee and PAC formed




FYI: I took all of the pictures form the candidates official Facebook pages. That is why they are not all uniform size, I figured this was the most fair photo to use since they were official pictures. If you are connected to one of these candidates and would like a different picture used please contact me.



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