Gun Culture 2.0 and Single Stack 9mm’s

12 Jan

Last week while listening to the DOWN RANGE RADIO 194 Michael Bane talked about “Gun Culture 2.0″ he basically defined this as, people who came into the gun culture through concealed carry in the recent years. He went on to say that most of these people are a slightly younger demographic and working to rise on the corporate ladder, so they are more budget conscious on things such as new guns. I certainly include myself in this group, while I was raised around guns, I never went hunting as a kid and my first time shooting a handgun was at a very controlled indoor range at about the age of 14. I certainly feel that this group is a great new addition to the gun culture and look forward to see how the industry continues to respond to this.

This group is largely responsible for the “.380 revolution” that we have seen in the last 2yrs, with the popularity of small pocket .380′s like the Ruger LCP/ Keltec P3AT/ Et al. Mr. Bane makes the argument that the next logical extension of this is the growth of the single stack polymer framed 9mm’s like Rugers LC9 the Taurus 709 slim and the Sig 290. As a member of this gun culture 2.0 I FULLY disagree. The small 9mm’s are great carry guns, they fill a void and they provide better stopping power than the .380acp ballistics. However I don’t see these small 9mm’s as pocket guns. They cross the all important line of having to be moved from the pocket to the belt. Now before I get attacked I am sure that with the right 5.11 pants you can conceal a glock 17 with a 33rnd magazine BUT thats not the everyday dress of this group. Because these guns have to move from the pocket to the belt I feel that you will instead see strong sales in guns like the Glock 26 and Ruger SR9c. For me the solution is a M&P .40s&w compact because I believe that if I am going to go to a belt holster I then want the full stopping power of the .40s&w and the increased magazine capacity.

These slim 9mm’s provide another cool gun in the market, however I don’t foresee one making its way into my gun safe anytime soon.


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