So much for “protecting and serving”

05 Jan

So this guy has his guns locked in a safe (good idea), is a legal gun owner even with all of Mass. stupid registration laws and severe limits on what types of firearms they allow on their “approved” list. He comes home finds his house broken into and his property stolen.

As a response the responding cops take away his license to carry.

This is total crap, stuff like this needs to be on the front page of the paper not buried deep. So many people even casual gun owners dont truely believe that stuff like this happens. But it does. Now I am not trying to demonize law enforcement they do a difficult job and I am sure that the actual responding officers are not the ones who made the decision to pull this guys carry permit.  So I dont blame them directly. However lets not forget that even after the recent supreme court decisions affirming the RKBA as an individual right we still have government agencies that refuse to cooperate and will take every oppurtunity to take your legally owned guns.

This perticualy concerns me because more and more jurisdictions are now passing laws REQUIRING that your report stolen firearms to law enforcement, so this now sets a very dangerous precident.

I hope this becomes an issue to rally around and I hope that the people of Mass. get their act together SOON.

LOWEL – Police say federal and state investigators are trying to figure out who stole about 40 handguns and rifles from a Lowell home.

Police said Tuesday that officers responded to a Dublin Street home Monday afternoon after the owner reported that someone had broken into the cellar in which he stored a vault containing the guns.

Investigators are also trying to determine if the gun owner broke state or federal laws.

Police immediately revoked the gun owner’s Massachusetts license to carry a firearm, saying the potential of the missing firearms being used on Lowell streets is disconcerting.


Thanks to JayG for the original post on this article

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Posted by on January 5, 2011 in Gun stuff, Politics


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