A day full of up armoring.

20 Dec

So long story short this morning started early when my sweetheart and her sister came to the sudden discovery that one of the cars our driveway had been broken into. This shook all of us rather significantly. So after taking the car into the shop to get the damage repaired we spent a long 90minutes at home depot getting all the stuff to properly prep the house on the belief that if somebody was in the driveway and causing property damage to the car, the house isnt that far away.

So the house is now properly prepared, alarms installed ect. (Sorry but the details don’t need to be on the blog) My point is a different one, when we first moved in I had some security concerns about the house and raised them but it seemed like there was always another project that we decided was a higher financial priority. Now other than some of the lighting upgrades I don’t know that any of the stuff we did today would have prevented the car prowl but I think it would have increased the chance of  deterring the crime. Because I am a firm believer that you don’t have to be the hardest target just not the easiest.

A few quick notes, we called the police and because the damage was less than $1500 they refused to sent a car out, this really aggravated me because as a “professional cop caller” I have called the police for many minor incidents essentially to generate a case number, in these situations the general policy is that you will get a police response when a unit becomes available but you get put as a low priority. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN TOTALLY FINE HERE. However I feel strongly that there is a huge perception difference between being given a website where you can file your report online and having a LEO come out and take a report.

The second surprising thing is that the only items taken were of low value, a stock stereo and a few CD’s. Although the trunk was popped the custom Harley Davidson gear was all left untouched, in addition one of the other vehicles in the driveway had a GPS on the windshield and an IPOD on the seat. When we took the car into the repair shop the tech was not surprised about this and said he is rarely surprised how much expensive stuff gets passed up by thieves.

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Posted by on December 20, 2010 in Day in the life


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