Music to my ears

14 Dec

So recently I’m sitting on the couch doing something mindless and my sister in law walks in the room and mentions that she wants a gun for Christmas. I of course was thrilled because new gun owners are the best thing possible for the gun culture and new FEMALE gun owners are even better. Now my SIL served in the Army, was deployed overseas and has gone shooting with me. However the vast majority of her trigger time was with an M-16 in the army, so beyond that platform she is still kinda a newbie. So we started chatting about what she wants and what she wants to spend, essentially she wants a .22lr rifle for plinking to start with, (my suggestion of a customized AR didnt go over well when she looked at the price point). Well the good news is that there are no shortage of .22lr rifles out there to choose from everything from the classic 10/22 to a simple bolt action to something more obscure.

However the most interesting part of this discussion was when we were talking about cleaning, her only cleaning training has been in the military so she was expecting to have to break everything down to component parts and polish them to a showroom shine, honestly when she heard me say “hit it with some CLP and run a patch down the barrel and your good” she was thrilled. Now its no secret that cleaning has become a sort of hot topic on the gun forums lately between Caleb and others coming out and saying that modern firearms with non-corrosive ammo require little to no cleaning, and others stating that every gun still needs a detail strip.

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Posted by on December 14, 2010 in Gun stuff


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